I’ve finally put together a PDF gluten free guide to Prague. It’s a free PDF you can download—no strings attached!

Josef Lada is a famous painter/author who is especially loved for his Christmas paintings. They show family gatherings, children playing in the snow and more. You can’t help but have the Spirit of Christmas come into your soul when you see these images. Enjoy!

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Páter František Ferda was a famous clairvoyant healer in the Czech Republic. Read more about Páter Ferda and his life of service to others.

You can learn about some great Android and iTunes apps, for your mobile devices, when you come to the Czech Republic. There are also some general travel apps to help you with your other travels!

The Passing of a Great Man

Vaclav Havel, the first president of Czechoslovakia after communism, passed away last Sunday, December 18, 2011. He was 75 years old, and died in his sleep from a long-standing respiratory illness. Havel was a great human rights avdvocate, patriot and more. 

Tribute and Farewell to Vaclav Havel

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Czech and American Blended Christmas

Since moving to the Czech Republic, Jiri (my Czech husband) and I have had to learn how to blend our cultural differences, along with finding new ways to blend our holidays traditions. Here’s an article about American vs Czech Christmas traditions, and how we have an American-Czech blended Christmas:

Czech and American Christmas Traditions

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Online Shopping is Great for Expats

Online shopping is a great way for expats to buy gifts for their family and friends back home. There are several benefits for expats to shop online. Read on for more information:

Online Gift Shopping for Expats 

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Life Under Old Regime Better?

Many older Czechs feel life under capitalism is hard at best. They remeber back to certain aspects of life under communism, and believe life was easier and less complicated in that time. This is a conundrum for many Westerners, including myself. This article contains what I’ve learned from older Czechs about their lives now as compared to their lives under the old regime. 

Better Red and Fed?

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